Dronepic was founded in 2013 by a team of NIT Jalandhar graduates. We started system integration of Mini and Micro Unmanned Aerial Vehicles in Mechatronics Lab (mechanical department NIT Jalandhar) During this tenure we got funded from MHRD in 2016 to develop the lightweight Micro Unmanned Aerial Vehicle. After Graduation, we took a step further to proceed as a Business Entity by registering our company in 2016 and started our Research Lab with in-house manufacturing and testing facilities and got funded by Saffron Group

Our Company is focusing to find the solution of problems faced by UAV industry around the globe which are low flight time less payload and short operating range. The only solution to these problems is Hybrid power UAV which has multiple energy propulsion system and ultra lightweight design.


DronEPIC Automation developed a drone with 5x (2hours) endurance and high payload caring capacity by using hybrid power, to provide the next generation delivery service in logistic, e-commerce for online retailers, service providers and government agencies.

Our team also working on to increase the telemetry data transmission and communication range up to 100km to make the delivery of drone practical in the line of sight and in beyond line of sight.

Aiming to decrees the weight of the craft by integrating next-generation super material like Carbon Fiber and prototyping and testing time is minimizing by using computer simulation platform also utilizes 3D Printing.

Today we have patent pending of our design of hybrid MULTI-ROTOR ASSEMBLY OF AN AIRCRAFT


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Drone Delivery

Drone-based delivery services probably constitute one of the most obvious applications.

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Industrial Application

Drones can be deployed for Surveying, land development, infrastructure inspection and public safety are done more efficiently.

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Applications under defence where drone can be used for resource and critical supply management.

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